Frequently asked questions about Horse Rug Cleaning and Reproofing

Do I have to have my rug packed?

Although most of our customers love the way we pack our rugs, you may prefer to save on plastic for environmental reasons. Please let us know when you drop it off, if this is the case. We recommend you collect it fairly promptly though, as otherwise it could get dusty! Rugs for delivery are always packed, to save space in the van, and make it easy for our drivers to get it right!

When will my rug be ready?

We aim to have all rugs ready 1 week after we receive them. We need to allow time for them to dry thoroughly.

Do you use tumble dryers?

All rugs are usually air dried, however, occasionally it is necessary to use a tumble dryer for a few minutes, so we can be sure your rug is bone dry before packing.

Will my rugs be sent away?

No, we do everything here on site.

How often does my turnout rug need re-proofing?

Ideally, turnout rugs should be reproofed at least once a year. Washing, together with general use will reduce the waterproof capability of the rug. If your rug is not used regularly, you may not need it reproofing as often. Regular reproofing should help prolong the life of your rug and keep your horse dryer.

How is the reproofing chemical applied? Do you spray it on after the rug has been dried?

Ads with all Nikwax products the chemical is washed in, as part of the final rise when the rug is washed. We can't reproof rugs without washing them.

Can your plastic packaging be recycled?

Yes, it can be recycled with your other plastics.